12 Whimsical Winter Wedding Invitations Ideas

What do you envision for the winter-themed wedding you are planning? Does it look like any other wedding or is it fun and lively, complete with fun decor, a unique menu, and special wedding-day jewelry for your bridesmaids that is awe-ins? If the latter seems more your style Get the ball rolling by sending a fun Winter wedding invite.

What makes an invitation stand out from other invitations is that it’s slightly different. Sometimes, it’s even different. It all depends on the amount of guests you have as well as the size of the wedding budget for stationary. If you’re blessed with a smaller guests list and a big budget, you can try some truly creative ideas. 

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One great idea is to make huge gingerbread cookies in the form of an chapel. The cookies can be decorated with traditional white icing and imaginative patterns to create the appearance of a wedding invitation. It is possible to write wedding information directly on the cookies using frosting, or if the design isn’t enough space for the wedding details, cover these gingerbread confections over the vellum that is decorated with the wedding information. The entire creation must be carefully wrapped to ensure that it is all in one piece It’s a great (and delicious!) option to invite your family and friends to come along to your winter wedding.

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Another idea for an invitation to a winter wedding that is not on paper is having professional calligraphers draw the wedding’s details on ornaments for Christmas that are large. The glass balls that are frosted create the most beautiful backdrop and they’re easy for you to type on. Add a elegant bow of tartan or velvet at the top of every ornament to add a decorative addition. Also, careful packaging is essential to ensure that your stunning invitations are delivered securely. It would be an amazing invitation for a theme wedding in which the bridesmaids will be wearing traditional velvet dresses and clear crystal jewelry for the bridesmaids.

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There are some gorgeous winter wedding invitations that are made using the traditional paper-based format. An adorable idea for a warm reception at an old-fashioned ski lodge is stationery using traditional white and red Nordic ski sweater design. It is possible to personalize it by putting a monogram on the top. It’s made to appear as if it was made of knit. There is a knit font available for both Macs as well as PCs! It’s a great idea to send the invitations in the form of a brown envelope, and tie it up with a red strand of yarn. The guests will definitely appreciate the look of your wedding by these unique invitations.

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A sweet and adorable idea for a fun winter wedding invitation. It’s a letterpress design with a pair of the reindeer, with heart-shaped antlers hanging off their backs. Pick a stylish colour palette of pink and brown to break the reindeer theme away from its Christmas-themed connotations. A pair of reindeer sporting interlocking antlers is a beautiful design. Imagine it as an winter-themed version lovebirds. It’s both romantic and sassy simultaneously.

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The invitations that are unique and fun will set the tone of your event. In everything from DIY imprintables, there’s a variety of appealing options for the bride who isn’t atypical in her winter attire. Take advantage of the chance you have to impress your guests with a unique winter wedding invitation that nobody is likely to forget!

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Eden Huddenfiel